L'amour Junk

L'amour Junk

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Useful information about L'amour Junk

L'Amour Junk is a traditional sailing boat of Indochina Junk fleet and the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay. Therefore, it is a perfect option for a couple on a romantic trip.


Our L’Amour Junk is designed in the style of the traditional sailing boats and was the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay. It is an ideal option for a couple on a romantic trip.

It is designed with sophistication and meticulous attention to every single detail, for our guests’ enjoyment, especially their viewing pleasure. During her construction, every effort was made to enhance our customer’s holiday experience. The ensuite room has a big sea view window and the outside dining area is a perfect place to observe the natural landscape while cruising.

L'Amour Junk

L'Amour Junk

From the moment you step aboard and check into your cabin, to when you are relaxing on the sun deck, you are surrounded by handcrafted teak and oak furnishings. You can relax in comfort on our traditional boat and will receive a warm welcome from our crew while enjoying many interesting activities.

After boarding the L’Amour Junk, you are given the maximum of privacy during your trip. Our staffs are on call when you need them or leave you to enjoy the bay. The food service during this trip is also a highlight of the whole experience.

The L’Amour is perfect for either a romantic getaway or to celebrate a special occasion.
A special cooking tour with a visit to Halong local market will be offered for guests booking a private cruise with L’Amour Junk, organized before check-in time. The tour is only workable if you arrive Halong cruise port before 11:00 AM. Please, contact our travel consultant for more details.

L'Amour Junk

L'Amour Junk

Cruise facilities

  • One deluxe  cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • One lounge deck for dining
  • One sundeck and relaxation area
  • One staff section
  • One kitchen

 Highlighted activities

  • Padding and kayaking to explore Cap La and Tra San area
  • Visit Vung Vieng fishing village by a rustic row-boat, meet the local people and pass through the floating school and fish farms.
  • Explore the well-hidden Thien Canh Son Cave
  • Beach BB

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