Phuket is a beautiful island off the southern coast of Thailand. This is Thailand’s largest island with the length of 48 kilometers and the width of 21 kilometers bathing itself in the Andaman sea in the Indian Ocean. 

Phuket is 862 kilometers from the south of Bangkok. Phuket formerly derived its wealth from tin and rubber and enjoyed a rich culture thanks to the trading activities in the past when the ships from China and India came to this island to trade. So, this used to be one of the most vibrant trading routes between India and China as well as many countries from over the world.

In the contemporary time, Phuket is leaning to develop tourism and getting many achievements when the brand of Phuket tourism becomes very popular in the world’s tourist map which turns this island into Thailand’s wealthiest province. Thanks to the beautiful tropical sunny beaches nestled in the blue ocean and coconut tree lines on the bank, Phuket is the most famous resort heaven in Thailand in recent years. Unfortunately, in 2004 Phuket was taken a strong tsunami from the Indiana Ocean that destroyed nearly all the island and killed thousands of local people and tourists. Due to the attempt of Thailand’s government, there is almost no evidence of the damage now in this island. Most beaches in Phuket is located in the west of the island, whereas Phuket town is in the southwest and the airport is in the north, but it doesn’t take you a long time to transfer because the road system here is quite modern and smooth.