Halong Swan Cruise

Halong Swan Cruise

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Useful information about Halong Swan Cruise

Swan Halong cruise is one of the magnificent yachts at Bai Long Bay. Coming to Swan, you will enjoy the scenery of Halong Bay with unforgettable moments in this natural wonder of the world.

Swan has an enthusiastic, experienced staff and crew who will bring you an exciting vacation in Halong Bay.

Types of cabin

  • Double cabin
  • Triple cabin
  • Family connecting cabin

The Family Connecting rooms

The Family Connecting rooms

The rooms on the yacht have a sea view window which will help you observe the bay even when in the bedroom. Each cabin is fully equipped with wooden floors, wardrobe, air conditioning, lighting system, separate bathroom with shower, hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, towels, and toothbrushes.


Halong Swan cruise is part of the 3-star overnight ships which is designed in the traditional Vietnamese wooden style combined with modern equipment imported from abroad. The yacht is committed to giving visitors an enjoyable vacation on Halong Bay.

The yacht is divided into 3 floors with separate bedrooms. The first and second floors are luxurious bedroom system with large and airy windows. The second floor also includes a large area for restaurants and bars which serves banquets and karaoke services.

The restaurant is surrounded by glass so visitors can both enjoy a meal while watching the bay. The yacht can provide food for travelers with special diets.

The third floor is a large area of the terrace and sundeck with a covered section for relaxing, sightseeing and taking photos.

Tourist spots

  • Cong Do area
  • Cap La island
  • Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Vung Vieng fishing village


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