Era Cruise

Era Cruise

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Useful information about Era Cruise

Era Halong cruise is one of the latest yachts following the journey to visit Lan Ha Bay route. It is the most luxurious 5-star standard in ships in the region with a large and luxurious design of the cabin system.

Services and facilities

The Era cruise line has 2 units, of which each one is designed with a completely new steel cover, luxurious, modern feature, and impressive interior system, etc.

Era cruise's luxury space

Era cruise's luxury space

The additional services such as gym, mini golf court, medical center, restaurant, and bar system will definitely give you a sense of a high-class and memorable trip on Lan Ha Bay.

Types of cabin

To maximize the luxury and comfort for visitors, each Era cruise is designed with 20 bedrooms. The Terrace Suite is the smallest cabin with 47 square meters, and the Era Suite is the largest one with 74 square meters (including the bathroom and balcony).

  • Terrace Suite for 2 guests (46 square meters)
  • King Terrace Suite for 2 guests (52 square meters)
  • Garden-Sea Family Suite for 3 guests (55 square meters)
  • The Era Suite for 2 guests (74 square meters)


With its unique journey, Era Halong cruise will bring guests to beautiful beaches or pristine landscapes with thousands of different islands such as Ba Trai Dao beach, Ba Ham lake, Dark and Light caves, Viet Hai fishing village, etc.

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