Coming to Titop, visitors not only immerse in the blue sea but also enjoy the soul with the beautiful space on the top of Titop mountain as floating on a small moon.

Where is Titop island?

Titop island is located in Halong Bay, Halong city, Quang Ninh province, about 7-8 km southeast of Bai Chay port. It is surrounded by rocky mountains and green trees. The clean sand here in four seasons is washed by the tide. With one side is the green color of mountains, the other side is the deep color of the ocean, Titop beach brings in the harmony of nature. It is an island with steep banks and flat white sand at the mountain foot.

On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and Soviet astronaut Gherman Titov visited the island. To mark the anniversary of that trip, the President named the place Titop island.

The natural beauty of Titop island

From the top of the island, Titop beach has a shape like a moon gently embracing the entire small island in the vast sea. Titop's fine white sandbank is not very wide, but often washed up by tidal water, so it has a pristine beauty that is radiant.

In the cooling breeze, when the sun rises, the water is so transparent that it is possible to see small groups of fish swimming along coastal sand and each coral reef blooming at the bottom. The wave gently rolls into Titop's smooth white sandy floor like the affection of the vast ocean that devoted for this beautiful beach.

Tourism of Titop island

The sandy beach here is small but very airy and quiet, and the water is always clean and clear all year round. Many tourist cruises often stop here for guests to go to the beach to swim or climb to the top of the mountain for sightseeing from above.

Currently, at this beach, there is a bar and services for renting swimsuits, buoys, and freshwater baths. There is a service for renting water motorcycles and parachutes also. The Gulf Management Board transports the freshwater from the mainland.

The green Titop beach, together with the airy, quiet space, is an attraction to visitors to enjoy their comfortable holiday in Halong Bay. Travelers can swim and participate in sea sports such as swimming, volleyball, parachuting, surfing motorbikes, or gently kayaking to visit the surrounding islands.

Today, Titop island is a favorite stop attracting a lot of tourists to swim, conquer Titop peak to admire the panoramic view of Halong Bay from above. If you want to visit and explore here, let's book the night cruises on the bay with the journey of 2 days or 3 days or some 6-hour day tour.