Back to the past when Sukhothai was the political and cultural center of the ancient Siam kingdom, this city was named with the meaning of “ Dawn of Happiness”. This is an old city in Thailand where it keeps and hides many ancient ruins of the glorious Siam kingdom in the past. 

From the capital of Bangkok, the journey will lead you through the rural region of Thailand before reaching the glistening waters of the Sakae Krang river in Uthai Thani city. This is a traditional cultural city which is related to the river. From Uthai Thani, you head to the north to the historic city of Sukhothai. This city used to be the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Siam, one of the greatest kingdoms in Thailand’s history with the art of architecture reached the highly sophisticated level. There, you can see many ancient structures scattered around this city. But before digging into the past, it is off to see the perfect combination of modern and old traditions in an eco-farm. You will learn how to produce organic food and the way to develop a stable agriculture for the future. For lunch, you will have chances to taste the fruits and vegetables of the labor with an organic farm-to-table meal.

Then, heading to Sukhothai historical park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is an ideal place for tourists to explore the ancient ruins and temples.