Pai is a very small and beautiful town 130km north of Chiangmai in Thailand. If you fell in love with Chiangmai old town, then when you come to Pai, you will be completely attracted by the lovely, sweet and romantic beauty here.

The best time to Pai is from October to April. If you go to the right season of Loy Krathong, the combination of visiting Chiangmai and Pai is the best. Pai attracts tourists by its untouched features like the South of Thailand. To Pai, you just need to rent a motorbike to go to tourist spots near Pai within 15km. There are 2 famous waterfalls in Pai, Pam Bok and Mo Paeng Pam Bok.

Pam Bok is formed by nature as a swimming pool inspired by the whole cool waterfalls pouring down. In Mo Paeng, you can play the waterfall game with a big rock for you to slide into the lake. All of these waterfalls have not been influenced by human and no entrance fees like most of Thai attractions. It is also a unique point in Pai. Pai has two hot springs, Tha Pai hot spring is very famous and crowded in the spa area. To enter this stream, you must pay 200bath/ person. Another hot spring is on the way to Mae Hong Son, 10km away from Pai on the big road and you have to go 5km of dirt roads, this road is rough, very slippery and easy to slip. About 45 km away from Pai towards Mae Hong Son has a very beautiful cave named Tham Lod.

Pai is a dining paradise for streetfood enthusiasts. All are concentrated on the same path. In Pai, you can find everything from Thai, Chinese, and Western food. Especially, the smoothie here is extremely delicious and cheap. Although Pai is a small and peaceful town, its nightlife is not less busy than other tourist cities.