Giang Ta Chai village, Ta Van commune, Sa Pa district is about 15 km from Sa Pa town, is the habitat of Mong Den, Dao Do, and Giay people, located on the main tourist route of Sa Pa (Sa Pa - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Ban Ho). Giang Ta Chai has long been an interesting destination for tourists who like adventure tourism with the main discoveries such as Bamboo forest, Giang Ta Chai waterfall, Cau May, traditional culture of ethnic groups. In which bamboo forest is the discovery point that many tourists prefer. To reach the bamboo forest, visitors will have to walk about 2 km from the center of Ta Van commune. On the way, visitors can see the terraced fields of Muong Hoa valley.

Going to the bamboo forest, visitors will have to weave through the dense bamboo forest with trails. When it's sunny, everything will be simple and interesting. But in the rainy season, the roads become slippery and will bring to the field visitors the extremely interesting experiences.

Especially in the middle of May, in recent years, the bamboo forest appeared thousands of beautiful yellow butterflies. This is a butterfly whose scientific name is Stichophthalma, is a life cycle of worms that live in bamboo and bamboo forests. The phenomenon of yellow butterflies appears much due to favorable weather for their development. Since this dense butterfly appearance has attracted many visitors to visit and take pictures.